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From Europe to Mexico - Living the Dream at Tulum!

Mexico is a country I believe people still don’t know what to think or what to believe when they hear the word Mexico. I’m from Slovakia and trust me I would never imagine Mexico will become my home. I live here now for almost five years and I have to say, it was not instant love.

Even after many years and after having a Mexican husband I have a love/hate relationship with Mexico. There is so much, so much we as foreign people to discover and have to understand and learn. At the beginning as a typical European, I was concentrating on all negative things as all the noises and ¨nothing works stuff ¨, people used to say ¨I'm coming ¨ and they never showed up or they came four hours later with a huge smile on like nothing happened and only one who had bad time was me. For me, it was something very painful because my culture is 100% opposite. We are very punctual and we are used to apologizing for practically everything, here I realized people just live life and they don’t feel stressed the way how we feel in our first world countries. It’s extremely funny and weird but somehow you start to see it you realized you are stressing about not very important things. 

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In the end, as I said who is stressed is you and no one else, Mexicans just enjoy, they enjoy every moment, they enjoy every meal they enjoy every second with their friends and family. 

They actually love spending time with their family and we are talking about family trips of 25 and more people, for me ¨ crazy ¨ for them normal. 

The question is what is normal and what’s not normal? 

We in Europe always think about the future, when and what, and with who, we are not used to living in the present, but Mexicans never plan anything and we are talking about anything. I remember when I asked my husband on Friday morning what we will do for the weekend and his answer blew my mind ¨is too soon to talk about it ¨, I literally could not believe what does it even means. Later, after years in Mexico believe me or not my answer is the same as his. 


Because we live for the moment and we enjoy every second of our lives, we life, we laugh, we drink, we eat and we enjoy it without thinking what’s our next step, If we feel we want to go to the beach we go if we feel we want to read we read and if we feel we want to travel we do, if there are no free flight tickets we take a car, you see, its never a problem.I learned we are creating problems in our heads. Mexico showed me to don’t make things bigger than they are and just be happy, I learned to don’t let stress affect me as it used to before. 

I don’t want to say with that they are not organized, they are If they have to, and of course In many important occasions and work. We should definitely learn something from this culture and in general third-world cultures. When I saw how they love their families and how they love their kids, it makes my heart full. In our countries, we are losing it, we are losing families, they are falling apart. For Mexicans their family is everything and more, that’s the beauty of this country. Respect and family, even they can’t respect the time of other people they respect their family and their mums and grandmothers are everything and we are talking about even son is 50 years old what his mum says it has to be done yes or yes, there is no place for no. 

I’m learning a lot, I’m in love with Mexico, and the beauty of Mexico is the most beautiful place on earth. I used to travel and lived in many different places. Mexico is Mexico because of people, people have so much heart, is incredible to see how much energy and heart those people have. We should learn from them even we live in first-world countries. Poorer people have the biggest heart they will give your their last piece of tortilla and lemon :) 

Mexico has everything, amazing people, the best beaches on this planet including the Pacific and Caribbean. The strategic position of Mexico is incredible.90% of food is local, which means super fresh without chemicals and GMO plus the best part is one of the best cuisines in the world, let’s be honest who doesn’t like tacos? Did you know Caesar salat is originally from Mexico? Surprise right? I didn’t know it either before. Never too late to learn something new. 

I think after 5 years of living here I have some right to say ¨Soy Mexicana ¨ because I like it or not, when I’m mad I’m speaking Spanish in all the bad words haha. 

I live in Tulum, heaven on earth, the most magical place where time doesn't exist and time stopped many years ago and I don’t believe it will ever exist here and that’s fine. Mexico is making their own rules on base ¨you like you take it ¨ if you don’t like it no one actually cares, but honestly, I don’t know anyone who would say I don’t like it here. Even yes, there are some people that are just big cultural shock in beginning and then we talk in some months later when people say ¨you were right ¨. 

I think Mexico is like life, it's all about perspective, you concentrate on negative things or positive things. Mexico is special, and it will always be special. 

Is up to what do you want, look for positive stuff or concentrate on negative stuff. 

I choose to be happy and Mexico is helping me every day to make my dreams come true and I’m forever thankful for it.

In the end, happiness is a choice, stay happy wherever you are. 

I’m sending you many blessings your way, remember to stay happy. 


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