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Founders, Partners, Friends and Sisters Karla & Karina Flores

Certified International Realtors®.

Buying a home is a major investment, and moving to another country can be daunting.
Our goal is simple: to make the experience of finding and purchasing the perfect home stress-free and rewarding, no matter what the destination. Our founder’s experience relocating abroad has enabled us to create a safe place for foreign buyers seeking international properties, such as vacation homes, retirement homes, and investment properties.
We understand a home is one of the biggest investments you can make, and use innovative tools to search far and wide for options which best fit your needs and desired lifestyle.

Our services include luxury living accommodations, ecological homes, sustainable living instruction and guidance, and support for entrepreneurial endeavors. We’re here to provide you with tailored solutions for your relocation, whether you’re moving to or from abroad. We also strive to deliver our investors high returns, while taking care of the planet and its nature.

Karla & Karina is your go-to partner for all your international home buying needs. Thank you for your preference.

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