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Frequently Asked Questions About Tulum

Can US or Canadian citizens buy property in Tulum Mexico?

Yes. Foreigners can own property in Tulum via a “fideicomiso”: a trust with a Mexican bank facilitated by a notary. The bank acts as a trustee and follows instructions from the property owner. Via this arrangement, foreigners can have all rights to use, occupy, lease, build, improve, and sell their property.

What is the average price of a condo in Tulum?

  • The price for a home in Tulum Mexico can vary. Prices depend upon the location and the type of home you buy in Tulum.
  • New construction condo prices in Tulum range from $105,000 USD to $550,000 USD. With some condos for sale in large complexes of 240 or more condos and others in smaller more private condo complexes suitable for those who want more privacy.
  • There are resales of condos in Tulum however most of the buyers prefer the new-construction condos as they tend to have better amenities and better locations.
  • There are many different areas in Tulum such as Aldea Zama, La Veleta, Holistika, Region 15, Selva Zama, and more. Areas such as region 8 and 101 Tulum are some of the closest locations to the beach.
  • They are experiencing a significant number of property sales as they have great potential as vacation rentals and vacation homes.

Is Tulum a good place to live?

Vacationing in Tulum Is Great, but What Is It Like to Live in Tulum?

In 2020, Tulum was considered one of the best cities to live in Mexico. The reason was the improvement in mobility and its proximity to the Cancun International Airport.

Living in Tulum is enjoying the Mexican Caribbean to the fullest. Here, you can have a residence with a strong connection with the nature and culture of the region. Imagine waking up and enjoying the sun, the beach, the sea breeze, and the rainforest every day.

Tulum And It's Magic

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While you're here reflecting on your future in Tulum, take advantage of the opportunity to explore the best properties available, tours, restaurants, and more...

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